Survey to Prioritize BIA Spending

From all the results of our polling over the summer it is quite clear where the priorities are for our community and now you can influence how our special tax dollars are spent locally. The U District BIA is asking YOU what is important enough to fund, via an online survey.

Complete the survey by September 20th!


Parks Plan Implementation

In 2014, our community came together during an Open Space Forum to update the Parks Plan in anticipation of the massive rezone of the U District, approved by the city this year. It is time to begin the active implementation of this plan with financial support. The highest priority was a central town square, but many other strategies were identified to make our neighborhood more walkable, livable, and sustainable: north-south green spine, east-west pedestrian connections, activated existing and new parks, pocket plazas, and the UW campus edge.


Small Businesses Organization Support

Keeping the U District unique, are our many small businesses and nonprofits, many of which are legacy (20+ years) and minority-owned. Development from the recently-passed rezone will impact these endangered businesses unless we identify strategies to help them remain here. Short-term support to organize an association will allow them to become a self-sustaining, representative, and contributing member of our community. This leverages the considerable work already completed to date on their own, and recognizes the potential loss of community when our favorite places disappear.


Community Resident Committee

In one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Seattle (by class, age, and ethnicity), efforts in the U District to organize and represent the community have been challenging, but remain essential, especially as residential density will increase with the recently-passed rezone. Short-term support to strengthen our community council through outreach, the recruitment of new members, and active representation will benefit the U District for generations.


Transportation Mobility Plan

To prepare for the opening of the U District light rail station in four years, the community is coming together to host a forum of three events to identify challenges, opportunities, and make decisions on a truly holistic approach to multi-modal (walk, bike, drive, transit, freight) transportation in our neighborhood. Timely input from our community will avoid the shortfalls of the current Husky Stadium station. This one-time support is matched by $25,000 from other sources, to produce a more successful outcome - a station-area mobility plan.


Alley Tivoli Lighting

In July, the community launched the U District Alley, a project to design and build a public space for people and bikes in the very active alley by Café Allegro. A missing part to make the project safer and more successful is additional lighting provided by strands of Tivoli lights over the alley. This small budget expenditure would complement the money already raised through contributions from people, businesses, and a grant from the Department of Neighborhoods.