Civic Space Park's Test

Phoenix AZ


Arizona State University describes Civic Space Park as a "bridge" between the University and the surrounding community-- with its location at the heart of downtown Phoenix and the open space surrounded by ASU buildings, the park serves as a wonderful mixing area for local residents, students, faculty, workers and downtown visitors. The 2.7 acre space, designed by the Phoenix branch of AECOM, includes a stage, green space, a splash pad and shady areas for picnics or for just sitting outdoors. A cafe and gallery complement the surrounding neighborhood amenities. Civic Space Park's most distinctive feature may be the large sculpture by Janet Echelman, that serves as a landmark for the park both day and night. The park is owned and operated by the Phoenix Department of Parks and Recreation.


Civic Space Park at Night Civic Space Park Movie Night Civic Space Park



424 N. Central Ave Phoenix AZ 85004


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