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CUCAC Opposes Re Zone Without Public Square

Last night, City of Seattle/University of Washington Community Advisory Committee (CUCAC) held its 153rd meeting, and considered the city's draft re zone proposal for the University District to allow the construction of commercial and residential towers. The committee heard a presentation of the proposal from Dave LaClergue of the city's planning department. Discussion resulted in the following input to the city, as reported by Doug Campbell.

In unanimous agreement, the CUCAC committee has decided to advise the city that the up-zone legislation should not move forward until a site has been identified for the creation of a central public square in the University District near the new light rail station

The identification of this property, as well and the mechanisms for funding its acquisition and maintenance, is seen by CUCAC as the essential missing element in the city's current proposal. While creating substantial private wealth, the current proposal lacks any mechanism to acquire or place in trust public wealth. This is the wealth that would be necessary to build and maintain a long-desired public square at the neighborhood's core.