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Revise the Rezone

By Doug Campbell on November 11, 2016

After years of active advocacy for public open space, along with greater density, with thousands in support, we await a decision by the Seattle City Council in the next months that will determine the future of our University District. The latest version of the rezone proposal has its first public hearing this Wednesday. In its current form, we cannot endorse it.

Now is the time to tell the City to revise the rezone, or reject it. Without substantially-improved public benefits to offset the give-away increase in private property value, why up zone now when the City’s environmental impact study confirmed that the existing zoning can accommodate the projected growth for the next twenty years?

Our community spoke clearly in the 2005 parks plan, and in the update a decade later about public space. The highest priority for our neighborhood is a central town square, but this goal is impossible to achieve within this plan.

We can do better and should cooperate on a proposition that does not threaten the viability of the U District with development that will result not in a stronger community but in an empty second downtown. The current rezone plan is a prescription for losing the exceptional neighborhood once known as the University District, and only your voices will avoid it:

Public Hearing for the community to provide comments to City Council
November 16, Open house at 5:30pm, presentation at 6pm, followed by public comment
Hotel Deca at 4507 Brooklyn Ave NE Map