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U District Mobility Community Workshop 1

By U District Mobility Group on March 7th, 2018

The U District is one of the busiest hubs in the region for pedestrians, bicycles, transit, cars and freight...and it’s about to see major changes with Sound Transit’s U District Station opening in 2021 and new buildings popping up. Come join our community-driven effort to advocate for a quality transportation experience around the future station, and take the survey.

Tell us what you think and share ideas:

  • What are the major challenges to getting around the study area?
  • What are the biggest opportunities to make a great transportation experience?
  • How do we prioritize potential projects to advocate for to the city and agencies?

All Workshops in the Series
Snacks will be provided and children are welcome!

Workshop 1: Barriers and Opportunities
March 7th at 5pm at U Heights

Workshop 2: Project Ideas Evaluation
April 3rd at 5pm at U Heights

Workshop 3: Conceptual Design and Plans
May 30th at 5pm at U Heights