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U District Mobility Community Workshop 2

By U District Mobility Group on March 30, 2018

From our first Community Workshop (March 7th) and associated online survey, you helped us identify the barriers and opportunities to access the future U District Station, scheduled to open in 2021.

With your participation, our next Community Workshop will evaluate alternative scenarios to best utilize the key streets adjacent the station for all modes: pedestrians, bicycles, transit, cars and freight. 

Join us on April 3rd from 5-7:30pm at the U Heights Community Center.

The U District Mobility Group, a community-led effort of neighbors, stakeholders, public agencies and nonprofit organizations, is coordinating opportunities to collect community members’ ideas on a holistic, multimodal U District station area mobility plan. 

How to get involved:

    •    Community Workshop 2: Project Ideas Evaluation. April 3rd from 5-7:30pm at U Heights. Snacks will be provided and children are welcome!

    •    Community Workshop 3: Conceptual Designs. May 30th at 5 pm at U Heights.

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Please share the project with anyone who might be interested in U District station area mobility by clicking on the Forward button below. The more of us we can bring to the conversation, the better we can create a vision that works for everyone’s needs.

Thank you,

U District Mobility Group


Workshop 3: Conceptual Design and Plans
May 30th at 5pm at U Heights