Appeal filed to stop U District rezone allowing 34-story buildings, story by Joel Moreno

Revise the Rezone

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To be clear, we support greater density and the up zone, but challenge the city to keep our neighborhood livable with reasonable guarantees of public open space, affordable housing, and an elementary school.


Email Your Councilmembers!

Click on the link to your councilmember to send an email asking the city to revise the rezone to implement the U District Parks Plan. Rob Johnson is the councilmember for the 4th District, in which the U District is located, and he is also chair of the Planning, Land Use & Zoning (PLUZ) Committee.

PLUZ Committee Members:

Rob Johnson, Seattle City Council - 4th District, Chair

Mike O'Brien, Seattle City Council - 6th District, Vice Chair

Lisa Herbold, Seattle City Council - 1st District, Member

Lorena Gonzalez, Seattle City Council - Position 9, Alternate

Other Councilmembers:

Bruce Harrell, Seattle City Council - 2nd District

Kshama Sawant, Seattle City Council - 3rd District

Debora Juarez, Seattle City Council - 5th District

Sally Bagshaw, Seattle City Council - 7th District

Tim Burgess, Seattle City Council - Position 8


Maximum Height Allowed or Proposed for Link Station Areas

Community Opposition

Our U District neighborhood is represented by a handful of community organizations who speak for residents, business and property owners, students, and workers. They are opposing the current draft of the rezone legislation and asking the city to provide stronger guarantees for prioritized community needs to make our neighborhood livable, equitable, and sustainable.

These include strategies for public space, mobility plan, impact fees, housing diversity, merchant retention, displacement mitigation, and social services.

By contrast, the U District Partnership (UDP) endorsed the plan by majority vote with a letter of dissent.


Up Zone DRAFT Proposal Presentation to UDP

August 7, 2015 - The City presented their preliminary draft proposal for the up zone of the U District to the U District Partnership's Urban Design Committee, including a new zoning map, affordable housing programs, development standards, and public open space requirements and incentives. Those files can be downloaded from the margin.


Loss of Our Appeal of the EIS for the Up Zone of the U District

June 23, 2015 - View the blog post here.


Appeal Overruled

June 19, 2015 - Decision: "The Determination of Adequacy of the EIS for the U District Urban Design Alternatives is hereby affirmed."

View Findings & Decision of the Hearing Examiner for the City of Seattle.


Proposed 340 Foot Towers Give Some Citizens Vertigo - U District Daily

February 17, 2015 - Appeal of U District upzone to 340' towers filed by local housing and community groups.

View the U District Daily story here.


KOMO TV News Report

February 9, 2015 - Watch a video segment on the appeal filed to stop U District rezone allowing 34-story buildings, filed by Joel Moreno.


Appeal Filed

February 9, 2015 - We successfully filed our appeal of the Final EIS for the U District with the Office of the Hearings Examiner.


Final Environmental Impact Statement

To find more information on the entire up zone process from DPD's website, click here. Or, to review a copy of the Final EIS, click here to download the PDF version (141 Mb). The release statement of the FEIS can be found here.


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