Community Needs First

The undersigned residents, employees, students, merchants, and visitors of the U District support increased neighborhood residential density, and welcome the university’s further integration into our neighborhood.

- We are FOR quality density, where development is accompanied by community benefits.

- We are AGAINST the proposed 340’ buildings without a commitment to the needs of our growing community. 

The U District needs a central town square, a public elementary school, housing for a diversity of incomes, and a shopping district capable of competing with local malls.  

Only by capturing a portion of the wealth created by the UP ZONE, will the neighborhood have the resources to meet these primary needs. This up zone is, in effect, a GIFT to local, private property owners, instantly increasing property values.  In order to sustain our community we must improve the value of our publicly-owned properties as well.

We are a neighborhood, not a downtown business district. To remain a viable neighborhood the right improvements are essential to balance growth.  These expensive improvements will not be provided without a legal structure that requires them.

We urge citizens of our community to resist all district-wide up zone proposals until thoughtful negotiations occur to meet our community’s needs.


Join the Fight for a Livable U District

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