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U District 'Upzone' Housing Plan Causes Uproar Among Neighbors

By KIRO 7 on September 9, 2016

A plan by Seattle Mayor Ed Murray to "upzone" U-District housing is causing an uproar among people living there.

People say they're against building higher and denser.

According to a press release, they're worried up to 1,500 living places could be affected.

A billboard at 50th and Brooklyn in the U-District says the developer plans to turn a two-story house into a seven-story apartment building.

Groups against the plan say they're going to be at Seattle Council Chambers Friday to protest a review of what they call Mayor Ed Murray's 'Pro-developer Highrise Plan."

The groups, including the Displacement Coalition and the U-District Community Council, say their input has been pushed aside.

The U-District is just one neighborhood slated for upzoning. Lower Queen Anne is another neighborhood whose plans have riled people up.

The city says in order to build more affordable housing and to allow more people to live here, they need to build up.

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