Option X
Option X

As Planned Scheme (no public square)

Option X

As Planned Scheme

The concept presented by the City is to construct a 5 story building (65’ high) above street level and placed directly above the planned light rail station which will be deep underground with a below grade mezzanine pedestrian level. (see tan colored building on the adjacent plan)  The two entry/exits out of the station would come out directly onto the sidewalks at 43rd Street at the south of the new transit-oriented development building (T.O.D.) and across Brooklyn Avenue at the north end of same directly facing the UW Tower. 


  • Coordinated in current light rail station plans (although not as yet designed)


  • Provides no relief space for 12,000 planned light rail users per day!
  • Provides no visual connection to University Way (The “heart” of the ‘Ave’)
  • Provides no additional open space for for the UW Tower office building
  • Walls off the UW Tower from direct campus access
  • Does nothing to create a new focus to the University District
  • Would not allow natural light directly into light rail mezzanine below grade
  • Creates no opportunity for pedestrian-oriented retail use areas (sidewalk cafes, etc.)