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Is the parklet on NE 43rd at the Ave inspiring other neighborhood improvements?

Under consideration by the U District Partnership’s Marketing Committee is support for the sprucing up of the venerable University District Post Office. Perhaps with some planters (as shown).

The recently installed parklet, and a remodel of the community signage pillar in front of the Solstice café, are showing that when the community makes public space improvements, and cares for our existing public property, the property we care for is respected.

The Post Office will be re-painted in late summer. Let’s keep the momentum going with these and other neighborhood public space improvements.  Encourage your favorite U-District merchants to improve their premises!

And let’s help the U District Partnership, the new neighborhood BIA, live up to its potential as a steward for our shared public spaces!

- Doug Campbell, Owner of Bulldog News


Jul 10, 2015
Doesn't work as a park, and is only used by Ave Rats, and they run the Ave now. The U District businesses need support from the Mayor, Police, and the Chamber of Commerce. This parklet has been disruptive for the small business owners in the area and has a negative impact. The overhead to maintain (removal of garbage, rotting food, needles, broken meth pipes, human waste) the space has fallen to the adjacent businesses who were not in favor of the project. Advice to anyone considering a parklet: get small business buy-off, make sure the existing space isn't going to be negatively impacted, and consider making the objective for a parklet to be safe for kids. This is project is a failure, no one is using it.
Sheen Hunter Jul 14, 2015
I feel so grateful people want to improve our community. And this is a place that a lot people frequent and hang out. Sprucing up that area will be great! Doesn't everyone want more flowers around their neighborhood? I think it really makes The Post Office look more welcoming and open also.
Bradj Jul 30, 2015
Walk past it every day, never see anyone there. Except for homeless youth, and they're not actually "there." I'd prefer to have the parking back.
MichaelD Aug 5, 2015
This site is a sham. All my neighbors comments and photos have been removed. Extreme dishonesty. Shame on you!
Mendell Aug 16, 2015
Hello, I've been doing to talking with other business owners up and down the Ave, and I'm in agreement with those that think that Parklet is not good for our area. The concept is acceptable, but in an area where the homeless population is on the rise, this only provides another oppty for loitering. My personal observation is that from 8pm onward throughout the night its become a place for arranging drug deals. Some have suggested I take photos... a form of proof, but its happening every night and that's proof enough. Parks in general are good for the community, but the trends in the U-District are towards more loitering, more open impairment, and less security. I'm going to join in with those that are asking for removal. Thanks.