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Join the Mayor at the Official Launch of the Parklet!

Monday, June 29th at 2:20pm

Please join us on Monday, June 29th at 2:20pm for the official ribbon-cutting celebration with Mayor Murray and a host of other supporters who made our parklet a reality. It should be a warm and sunny summer day...a perfect time to enjoy the parklet, eat lunch, have an iced coffee or ice cream cone.

See you there!


Ruben Jun 27, 2015
Finally, Mayor Murray will grace University Avenue. It's clear that his office has little interest in the Ave and there is absolutely no response from him or his office. Crime in the area has risen dramatically, drugs, drugs, drugs everywhere. Street kids sleeping everywhere, including in the bushes of my backyard. If Ed Murray is to get any support from the residents of the Ave, it will be because he actually does something for its residents. Visiting a "parklet" launch to cut ribbon is an insult. We love this district and want to keep it alive, but there are serious social needs and gracing a parklet is pure avoidance. We want our Ave back! We want support for it's residents.
Jun 28, 2015
Could have used the space to shelter the homeless. A dedicated space for them to sleep makes more sense than doorways. At least to me. If this is a deck for the community, the why can't the street people sleep there. They have the right to sleep there as much as they do in the Radio Shack doorway. Why not make the whole area a homeless refuge? Ed Murray showing up isn't the same as helping the community. It's low hanging fruit for a politician.