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How Can Public Spaces Change A City's Character?

By Amanda Burden, former New York City Commissioner

For Amanda Burden, a city is defined by its public spaces. The former city commissioner of New York City explains why a promenade, a park or even a park bench, are vital to a city's ability to thrive.

About Amanda Burden

With a keen eye for detail that extends to the humblest park bench — and a gift for persuading developers and bureaucrats to follow her vision — Amanda Burden played a large role in rebuilding New York City.

Burden's vision started with the planning and design of Battery Park, and culminated with the opening of the High Line. Her design standards and flair for human-scale public spaces ensures that her legacy will be an enduring element of New York's urban landscape.

She is now a principal at Bloomberg Associates, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's newly established global consultancy.

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