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Location, Location, Location

3 Reasons For A Public Open Space Over the U-District Light-Rail Station

Location, Location, Location


WITH 24,000 riders a day, in-and-out of two rabbit-holes accessing the underground train platform, this site will be the defacto transit center of the U-District.  Users will need direct convenient open-space pedestrian access to their bus, taxi, auto, and bike connections.

ALONG  with this concatenation of communters there will be a need for a cluster of such services as child care, coffee and newsstands, pharmacy, florist, telecom shop, ATM services, bike shop, copy service, and restrooms.


THIS transit node; at the foot of the landmark UW Tower; at the intersection of the NE 45th and University Way paths; in the heart of the district's commercial center; and on the edge of the UW campus will collectively insure a uniquely strong urban image with a clear place-identity.*

WITH open-space opportunities for weekly and monthly farmer's markets, craft fairs, concerts, public events, and open-air dining: enriched with planting and local murals and sculpture (all managed by a community consortium) this site will   be a world-class expression of the community's open-heart.


ALREADY in the public realm as the property of two public agencies - the University of Washington and Sound Transit - this site (at the gateway to "the university of a thousand years") is an incredible windfall opportunity for institutional commitment to a higher and broader vital public use.

STATION design costs are already a part of Sound Transit's budget, and the UW will have the benefit of the sale of the air rights over the site.

* see Kevin Lynch: The Image of the City, 1960.